Marching Band Perusal Request Info

Hi {first_name},

I will be sending the perusal score very shortly.  If you don’t receive it, please let me know as they are sometimes blocked by firewalls.

Note: We get a lot of perusal score requests.  Please be advised that a request does not mean the show is available upon placing an order.  We offer exclusivity on complete shows on a first come, first serve basis.  Once we receive the order, we will get back to you right away with the availability.  We will also protect your band with this same exclusivity upon confirmation of your order.

If you wish to reserve a show, please copy the link below and paste it into your browser.  Once we receive your order form, Kathy will be emailing you the agreement that will need to be signed and returned. Upon receipt of your signed agreement the music will be shipped.


1.  Be sure to fill in all “yellow” boxes on the order form.

2.  PLEASE include a “non-school” (home) EMAIL & PHONE NUMBER.   Many school emails DO NOT accept attachments such as the perusal scores and agreements we send you.
Please be assured that KPM will not share this information!  (We don’t like to receive spam either!)

3.  To assure that your order is received, you MUST answer the “Human Verification” question located at the bottom of the order form.


Winds (Brass and Woodwinds): $1,250 single wind version
(For shows available in multiple wind versions –  $1,250 for one version / $1,350 for two versions / $1,425 for all three versions of the winds)
Percussion (Battery & Pit): $750 <— Optional
(Pit or Battery only): $450 <— Optional
Authentic Percussion for Santa Clara Vanguard shows is $1,250 (Attraction: Scheherazade / Moto Perpetuo / etc…)

Shipping: $25.00 standard shipping will be added for UPS ground.  (Upgraded shipping also available)

Includes: Permission to use for one school year, regional protection, copyright clearance, permission to perform, and permission to record.

*Most shows can be made available in 3 WIND versions: Full Wind Instrumentation®, Reduced Wind Instrumentation® and Simplified Version®.  If you wish to order  more than 1 WIND version of a show, it is $1,250 for one version / $1,350 for two versions / $1,425 for all three versions of the winds.

Since these versions are designed to overlap with each other, many directors purchase ALL 3 and pick the parts out they need from each version.  For example, if your trombone/baritone section is smaller, you can use the Reduced Instrumentation® for the Trombone/Baritone (2 parts vs. 3 in the Full Instrumentation®).  You may need the 3 Clarinet parts from the Full Instrumentation® version and you might have young players in your trumpet section so they can play the parts from the Simplified Version®.  The music is designed so that you can pick the parts out of each version that work best for your band and build exactly the instrumentation that you need!

Larger band programs frequently utilize the Simplified Version® for their 2nd and 3rd bands.  These parts also work as an overlay to both the Full Instrumentation® and Reduced Instrumentation® versions of our music.  The technique and range have been edited for less experienced players.  The Simplified Version® also stands on its own so the options are limitless.

Full Wind Instrumentation
Flute 1-2
Clarinet 1-2-3
Bass Clarinet (Optional)
Alto Saxophone 1-2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone (Optional)
Trumpet 1-2-3
French Horn 1-2  (Bb French Horn parts are also included)
Trombone/Baritone 1-2-3  (Bb Treble Clef Baritone parts are also included)

The difference in the Reduced Wind Instrumentation vs. Full Wind Instrumentation shows is…

1.  The instrumentation is reduced and re-orchestrated as follows…
a.  2 Flutes reduced to 1 Flute part
b.  3 Clarinets reduced to 2 Clarinet parts
c.  2 Alto Saxophones reduced to 1 Alto Saxophone part
d.  3 Trumpets reduced to 2 Trumpet parts
e.  2 French Horns reduced to 1 French Horn part (Bb French Horn parts are also included)
f.   3 Low Brass (Tbn/Bar) reduced to 2 Low Brass parts (Bb Treble Clef Baritone parts are also included)

Simplified Version vs. Reduced Wind Instrumentation and Full Wind Instrumentation shows is…

1.  The instrumentation is the same as the reduced instrumentation version.

2.  Range is limited. (Primarily, the 1st trumpets do not go above G on the top of the staff)

3.  The rhythmic density is watered a great deal in most cases where the 16th notes have been completely eliminated.    In other instances where a show might have continuous 16th notes, the players have “anchor points” in those lines.  An occasional 8th is thrown in so the players can anchor on the downbeats as well as catching a breath if necessary.


• Narration* and Sound Effects: $95
• Narration* Only: $50
• Sound Effects Only: $50

• ClickTrax: $150 for an entire show

ClickTrax are pre-recorded click tracks designed for indoor and outdoor rehearsals.  The ensemble will be able to rehearse with perfect performance tempi, accelerandos, rallentandos, and ritardandos as indicated in the score.  They have count-off clicks and start at every recommended drill phrase of the show which saves hours of rehearsal time!  ClickTrax are available in a high quality mp3 format.

• PracticeTrax
• PracticeTrax (Winds and Percussion): $449 – 1 wind version
• PracticeTrax (Winds and Percussion): $549 – 2 wind versions
• PracticeTrax (Winds and Percussion): $599 – 3 wind versions

PracticeTrax are recorded synthetic tracks of each part or section so students may play along!  PracticeTrax are available in a high quality mp3 format.

• SmartMusic® “CLASSIC” Files: $349 single wind version, $449 two wind versions OR $499 for three wind versions includes percussion if percussion was purchased. (Please note that in some cases, percussionists with several instrument changes or complex parts might not be able to be evaluated to the full extent of SmartMusic). The band is responsible for obtaining the Smart Music software required. Not currently available for web based SmartMusic®

• Production Sheets: $299
Production Sheets are expanded and detailed count sheets intended for drill designers with valuable information regarding the staging of instruments and other elements.

*Based on Availability – please ask for the add-ons that are available for the show you have chosen.

(The Narrator used on “Another Place, Another Time” and “Dreams” is available through the commissioning school at an additional charge.  If you are interested please let me know.)


Key Poulan
(559) 299-5399