Key Notes

Easy Guide to KPM Video & Audio Licensing


The synchronization license is NOT the responsibility of the performing group. The group, its members, and member’s families have permission to record, distribute and post online any recording of music that is composed by Key Poulan and published by Key Poulan Music. Permission is also granted for arrangements of public domain works created by Key Poulan. Circuits and organizations that host events may make up to three archival / educational copies for the performing group.

SYNCHRONIZATION AND / OR MECHANICAL LICENSE is required from Key Poulan Music for anyone not mentioned in the above pharagraph:

Anyone outside of those mentioned above that wishes to record and use the recording in anyway must obtain permission prior to recording and/or distribution. This includes video companies, all companies wishing to live stream competitions, all subscription services, and those wishing to supply video downloads of music composed or arranged by Key Poulan. All circuits and organizations must obtain permission for additonal copies above the three archival / educational copies granted above.

(For example but not limited to: USBands, YEA, BOA, TOB, UIL, WBA, SCSBOA, OMEA, FMBC, NCBA, KMEA, DCI, DCA,WGI, and Flo Marching)

SYNCHRONIZATION AND / OR MECHANICAL LICENSE is required from the copyright holder for all music arranged by Key Poulan that also requires permission to arrange from the copyright holder or its agent (for example: Tresona Music and Copy Cat Licensing)

Efficient Rehearsals = Better Performances with KPM Add-Ons!

We have been diligently working on our SmartMusic®, KPMClickTrax™ and KPMPracticeTrax™ for many of our compositions and public domain arrangements this year.

SmartMusic® files for specific Key Poulan Music works are available for those of you who use SmartMusic® as a means for student learning and evaluation. SmartMusic® is an interactive music software application where directors can assign the music, students can practice with a computer and teachers can track the student’s progress.

KPMClickTrax™ are pre-recorded click tracks designed for indoor and outdoor rehearsals. The ensemble will be able to rehearse with perfect performance tempi, accelerandos, rallentandos, and ritardandos. KPMClickTrax™ have count-off clicks and start at every possible drill phrase of the show which saves hours of rehearsal time!

KPMPracticeTrax™ are recorded synthetic tracks of each part or section so students may play along! KPMPracticeTrax have count-off clicks and come with click tracks throughout each momement so students can understand the various time signatures as well as being held accountable for counting their rests.

KPMPracticeTrax™ come with:
Individual Parts
Individual Sections
Groups: Woodwinds, Brass, Battery, Pit
Large Groups: Winds, Percussion
Full Ensemble

Please contact us to see what is available for your show!