Infinitive Journey (IMP)

To borrow from the most famous of split infinitives, Infinitive Journey boldly goes where no show has boldly gone before. A journey of the unexpected through texture and timbres, one can think of the show as a realization of the “Big Bang”. Once the initial energy is thrown in our faces, the musicians move out through space at ever increasing speeds, throwing out ever increasing amounts of energy to spin off new ideas and new sounds in new combinations. The powerful opening metrically modulates and plops us in the middle of a ritualistic-sounding section that makes effective use of the African clay pot Udu drums. As the ears attempt to get used to this unique sound, the tenors employ three mallets each for intriguing visual effect and the cymbal section adds to the mysterious ethnicity by using rainsticks, as if the sky had gently opened up on the ritual below. A beautiful contrasting section utilizing tone bars, hand chimes or handbells is the other side of the split journey, wrapping the ethos in shimmering sound waves of effervescent loveliness. The effect here is neither for the sake of melody nor rhythm, but rather for the creation of a shimmering essence that vibrates across the floor. A heavy battery percussion feature shocks us back to the reality that returns us to the beginning amidst a flurry of vigorous rudimental drumming. The beautiful moments are left in the dust as the show boldly goes back to where it began, tying together the split infinitives.