Who’s the Fairest (IMP)

Who’s The Fairest? is a retelling of Snow White in a world where she never woke up again. A dark sorceress, as vain as she is evil, will do whatever it takes to be the most beautiful in all the land, including commit murder.

“Jealousy” introduces the sorceress, obsessed with her appearance and being the most beautiful woman in the land. While the power of her jealousy swirls around her like a terrible storm, she asks her magic mirror who the fairest of them all really is—it shows not her own reflection, but a lovely young maiden. This enrages the sorceress, and she begins to plot the maiden’s demise.

“Revenge” is a churning ballad of dread, jealousy, and revenge. As the sorceress prepares her poisoned apple for the maiden, a melancholy flute solo laments the maiden’s imminent doom.

“Curse” is the dramatic end to this tale—the maiden has fallen under the eternal sleeping curse from eating the poisoned apple, and the sorceress is now the fairest in a land of darkness and evil.