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Dreams (Full Instrumentation)

Style: | Difficulty: Medium Difficult | Grade: 4+

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Throughout history, people have tried to understand the meaning of dreams. Sigmund Freud made much of his fame doing so and changed the way we understand who we are. Everyone at some point in their life has awoken up from a strange and wondered to himself what it meant. Do dreams mean anything? Why are dreams so strange? Are our dreams trying to tell us something? Dreams takes the listener through a series of dreams, some pleasant and some frightening. The dreams are accompanied by supplied narration, though you are welcome to add your own to make the experience more personal. Perhaps ask the members of the band to contribute their own thoughts on their dreams and even take turns narrating those thoughts during the production.



Mvt. 1: "Dream World" commences with an eerie, rather unsettling saxophone solo accompanied by the front ensemble. This introduction lets the audience know they are falling asleep. What follows can be anything from the realistic to the utter profound grasp of near insanity. Do they really want to risk the slumber? The supplied narration includes: "Do you remember your dreams? Everyone has them. I wonder why we don't remember dreams because the door to your dreams is always open." Also, "We close our eyes and open our minds to a world of endless possibility."
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Mvt. 2: "Sweet Dreams" is a lovely setting of a sort of child-like hymn, capturing the pleasantly sweet dreams of a child, dreams that make a child smile in their sleep, like dreaming about puppies and trips to the ice cream store. This peaceful movement brings out the child in all of us. " the life that you have always imagined." Also, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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Mvt. 3: "Nightmares/Full Circle" takes an intense turn towards the horrifying dreams that make us wake in a cold sweat, looking around the room in the dark to be sure there really is no monster lurking in the shadows or a pterodactyl ready to swoop down from the ceiling and carry us off in its talons. "But not all dreams are good..." "Nightmares keep us awake at night!" "Dreams are scattered without the boundaries of space and time." <br /> <br />The "Full Circle" segment lifts us out of the nightmare and takes us back to where we began; at the start of our night's journey as our head hit the pillow. But now, our head is rising up from the pillow after a night's slumber as we ask the audience one final question, "Do you remember your dreams?"
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