Marching Band Music

Transparency (Full Instrumentation)

Style: Modern | Difficulty: Medium Difficult | Grade: 4

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Glass has long inspired and captivated artists and the public alike. It has the ability to be plain and functional or extravagant and artistic. From the artistry of old-time glass blowers to the colorful assemblages of Dale Chihuly, glass has served as a poetic muse for artists who have created some of the most beautiful works of art ever witnessed. Transparency explores the various degrees of clarity of glass. The music is thick and impenetrable, then light and open, and finally invisible and airy.


Composed by: Key Poulan

Percussion by: Mark Branson and Ariel Campos

Originally commissioned by: William S. Hart H. S. Band, Newhall, CA - Anthony Bailey, Director

Published by: Key Poulan Music


Mvt. 1: "Opaque" kicks off the show in an intense and exciting manner, much more dissonant than consonant. The use of tight harmonies and simultaneous major and minor patterns creates a sense of a musical barrier akin to opaqueness, one that blocks a view to the other side.
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Mvt. 2: "Translucent" has a musical glow created by harmonies that start to become clearer, with a radiant flute solo creating a sense of clarity. Since light can penetrate translucency, but one can still not see through it, there is interplay between consonance and dissonance. The details still cannot be made out, so the melodies are still a tad murky and incomplete.
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Mvt. 3: "Transparent" grooves along in an alternating 5+6 beat of 11 to the bar. Elements of dissonance and tension quickly resolve in to major chords, open fifths and unisons as the music becomes clearer and the melodies much more discernable. The transparency culminates on a unison note representing total openness of sight and sound.
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