Attraction: The Music of Scheherazade (Simplified Version)

Style: Classical / Ethnic / Middle Eastern | Difficulty: Medium Easy | Grade: 2+ / 3-

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Composed by: Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Arranged by: Key Poulan, and Jim Casella
Originally commissioned by: Santa Clara Vanguard, Santa Clara, California - Rick Valenzuela, Director
Published By: Key Poulan Music
Duration: 11:30 or 7:30

Simplified Percussion by Jim Casella is available!


Mvt. 1: "The Story of Prince Kalendar" Shortened Version
[ Download ]

Mvt. 2: "The Story of the Prince and Princess" Shortened Version
[ Download ]

Mvt. 3: "The Festival at Baghdad" Shortened Version
[ Download ]

Mvt. 4: "The Story of Prince Kalendar" Full SCV Version
[ Download ]

Mvt. 5: "The Story of the Prince and Princess" Full SCV Version
[ Download ]

Mvt. 6: "The Festival at Baghdad" Full SCV Version
[ Download ]

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