Film Music

On The Starting Line (Movie)

Key Poulan is the composer for "On The Starting Line" by LinV films. Key completed the score in 2008 with assistance from composer and sound production engineer Fred Emory Smith. Over 50 musicians from the 2008 Santa Clara Vanguard brass section were recorded by Grammy-Award winning recording engineer Frank Dorritie.

"A Dream Starts with a Desire"

Driven by a burning desire to perform with the colorguard of a championship drum and bugle corps, a quietly determined teenage girl dares to dream beyond the boundaries of her perceived limitations to reach her goal. The results are as devastating as they are exhilarating, and she is changed forever. We follow her struggles as she attempts to come to terms with the mixed reactions of family, friends, mentors and fellow corps members. Triumphs, disappointments, laughter, missteps, and the hope of second chances ensue. Ultimately, with her cherished dream hanging in the balance, she must confront the relentless self-doubts that haunt her at every turn. Only then, can she cross the starting line to a new life of self-acceptance and the pride of performing with a championship drum and bugle corps.

This story offers a rare glimpse into the dramatic and exciting world of pageantry competition, where excellence is the only acceptable standard and young performers, perched on the brink of adulthood, learn to balance the joy of youthful invincibility with the demands of rigorously disciplined training. Contemporary and forcefully honest, it is a modern coming-of-age narrative woven through a colorful pageantry of music in motion, and punctuated with stunning displays of precision drum and bugle corps artistry.


Houston Texans

Attending any Houston Texan games in the near future? Key Poulan composed "El Toro Tejas" for the unveiling of the Houston Texans' mascot "Toro" on draft day, 2004. El Toro Rojo is played at every game at the Reliant Center in Houston! Please contact Key if you need something special for your school, business, website, film, radio or other project.