Frequently asked questions

Do you have any videos or DVDs of your shows?

I currently do not distribute videos other than one video which includes all of the following shows:

In the Shadow of Dragons
Pandora’s Box
The Rise and Fall of Rome

The cost of this video (VHS) is $25.00 delivered. (US addresses only)

Do you have drill designers, percussion arrangers, guard choreographers, flag designers, and costume designers that you recommend?
How much advance time do you need to compose a show?
I like to use a full Master Score that shows both wind and percussion scores simultaneously. How do you build a Master Score?
What do you mean by regional protection?
What are the advantages of using one of your original works over an arrangement?
When I purchase a show, what period of time may I perform it?
What do the wind scores and parts look like?
Can I get MIDI, Sibelius, or other electronic files?
How would you describe your levels of difficulty?
What do you recommend for bands that do not have trumpet players with a solid upper register?
How do I make my small high school marching band sound better?
Who has the best high school marching band arrangements and compositions?
How do I avoid permission to arrange fees?
Where can I get marching band music fast?