Michael Gaines, Visual Designer Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps & Freelance Visual Designer - San Francisco, CA
"I write drill for several bands using music from Key. The quality and care with which he creates and arranges music transcends the audio, and allows the visual program to almost write itself!"

Aaron D. Bryan - Former Band Director, The Pride of Broken Arrow - Broken Arrow, OK
"I have enjoyed writing drill to several of Key Poulan's shows. His music is always fresh, exciting, and emotional. Key's music lends itself to visual creativity and is easy to compliment on the field."

Wayne R. Downey, Music Director - Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps - Concord, CA
"Key Poulan's composing and arranging style is refreshingly creative,colorful in texture and scored wonderfully for competitive marching band. His wind scores are beautifully supported by percussion scoring techniques that are unique to our activity but practical and easily performed. Key's knowledge of the marching activity combined with his creative genius harmoniously blend into "State of the Art" original marching band shows. Don't let the chance to play a Key Poulan masterpiece pass you by....."

Dr. David R. Gillingham Professor of Composition/Theory School of Music, Central Michigan University
"It was great to meet you and acquire a new friend!! I was VERY impressed with your marching band writing and originality!!!"

Stephen Melillo, Composer
"One way to further promote 'Winds & Percussion in Motion' as its own viable medium, capable of delivering new and exciting Music which has been specifically created for the field, is to explore the original works of composer, Key Poulan. His music is dramatic and visceral, and pushes the potential in marching band well into the 21st Century."

Jeff Fackler, Drill Designer, Owner
"I always look forward to designing drill to one of Key's compositions or arrangements. He always thinks ahead to the visual package, offering the visual designer endless opportunities to explore fresh staging and effects on every page. We've successfully used Key's music in our AVBundle© catalog since 2002 and our customers as well as design staff are never disappointed with the finished product."