Key Poulan Music offers compositions and arrangements for high school marching band and drum corps. With Key Poulan Music's "Interlocking Parts" music educators can tailor marching band music for their unique band sizes and skill levels. Key Poulan Music's "Interlocking Parts" also allow various skill levels within one band to perform as a unit. Advanced musicians are challenged while simultaneously performing with less experienced musicians on simplified parts. Key Poulan's musical style allows your band students to achieve at the highest level. Key Poulan Music's "Pit by the NumbersĀ®" is our exclusive system in adapting our percussion music to fit the various number of players within the percussion ensemble.

Key Poulan Music was the first to offer regional exclusivity which paved the way for other companies to follow. With Key Poulan Music's deferred billing, a director can get the band's marching band music immediately and pay in the fall once the new fiscal year has started.