Efficient Rehearsals = Better Performances with KPM Add-Ons!

We have been diligently working on our SmartMusic®, KPMClickTrax™ and KPMPracticeTrax™ for many of our compositions and public domain arrangements this year.

SmartMusic® files for specific Key Poulan Music works are available for those of you who use SmartMusic® as a means for student learning and evaluation. SmartMusic® is an interactive music software application where directors can assign the music, students can practice with a computer and teachers can track the student’s progress.

KPMClickTrax™ are pre-recorded click tracks designed for indoor and outdoor rehearsals. The ensemble will be able to rehearse with perfect performance tempi, accelerandos, rallentandos, and ritardandos. KPMClickTrax™ have count-off clicks and start at every possible drill phrase of the show which saves hours of rehearsal time!

KPMPracticeTrax™ are recorded synthetic tracks of each part or section so students may play along! KPMPracticeTrax have count-off clicks and come with click tracks throughout each momement so students can understand the various time signatures as well as being held accountable for counting their rests.

KPMPracticeTrax™ come with:
Individual Parts
Individual Sections
Groups: Woodwinds, Brass, Battery, Pit
Large Groups: Winds, Percussion
Full Ensemble

Please contact us to see what is available for your show!