Canopy of the Amazon (IMP)

Canopy of the Amazon takes us into the depths of a rainforest from the very beginning, creating a sense of the wonders and danger lurking in every tree and behind every vine through use of exotic effects and pulsating jungle-like beats. The sounds that escape the dense foliage lead one to feel they are really standing under the lush tropical canopy of the most impenetrable forests on earth.Many creative instruments are utilized and if you have or can acquire these instruments, you will have lots of fun exploring the sounds they can make in unique combinations. Kalimbas, rain sticks, ocean drums, djembes and bamboo wind chimes are just some of the exotic instruments employed throughout this colorful show. The drumming utilizes African rhythms and South American musical styles to give the music the groove anyone would expect from the heart of the jungle. With huge impacts and indescribable ethereal effects, this show has the sophistication, raw strength, and a big ending that makes the crowd jump up faster than realizing they had just stepped on a python.