On Gallow’s Hill (IMP)

On Gallows Hill – The Salem Witch Trials revisits the terror and hysteria of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials with the harrowing true story of Abigail Dane Faulkner’s accusation, conviction, and ultimate exoneration.

“Affliction/Suspicion/Accusation” begins with an eerie theme, like a whispered rumor, that eventually spreads like wildfire through the entire ensemble, echoing the hysterical spread of rumors of witchcraft about Abigail and those accused alongside her.

“Confession & Conviction” captures the horrors of loved ones turning on each other in hopes of saving their own lives as the accusations of witchcraft and forced confessions take on lives of their own. Abigail’s despairing melody can be heard just before her fate is sealed with her conviction for her alleged crimes.

“Execution & Exoneration” examines the terrible toll of human lives taken during the bloodlust of the Salem Witch Trials before order finally returns and justice prevails for Abigail and her unborn child.