Snapshot (IMP)

Snapshot takes the audience into the act of photography to create lasting images in the memories and psyches of those watching the show unfold. With a narrative helping one along with proverbs and observations such as, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” “Will you take our photo?” and “This photograph always makes me laugh,” the show is full of musical cues that provide for lots of visual references to photography, ending with a member taking a group photo. (This can be done on timer delay so all can be in the photo, which of course the audience won’t see developed…but you could unveil a large snapshot as if it was just processed.)

Consider a tarp with images of favorite photos and sets of tripods and other camera gear. While this is a visually driven show, there is lots of “meat” to the drum parts that propels the line from one possible photograph to another. The possibilities are endless how you can approach the theme; perhaps thinking of a historic evolution of photography, moving from black and white images to color…perhaps playing off of some of the most famous photograph images of all time…perhaps adding your own narration to talk the line through a journey of whatever visual theme you choose. The music is flexible enough to go wherever you want to go with it.