Song of the Sirens (Full Instrumentation)

Song Of The Sirens tells the story of the legendary sea sirens, or mermaids, whose singing voices were the only thing that could match their physical beauty. Legend has it that the devious sirens used their beautiful voices and stunning looks to lure many travel-weary sailors to crash and perish within the rocky ocean waters.

“Prologue” begins the show in the open ocean waters—all is still in the pre-dawn hour. The distant song of the sirens emerges from the waves, and then fades back once again into the distance.

“Act 1 – Dawn On The Tall Ship” introduces the large ship cutting through the rippling waves of the ocean at dawn. Wood creaking and other close nautical sound effects give the effect of being within a large, wooden ship.

“Act 2 – Daybreak” depicts the moment the sun’s rays shoot up from the rippling ocean waters, and the full ensemble maestoso represents the magnificent sunrise. The ship’s crew is up with the sun, beginning their daily work. Thematic material dovetails and moves rapidly throughout the ensemble toward a major arrival moment.

“Act 3 – Entering The Fog” signals the arrival of danger; the entire mood darkens and the pace of the action slows down as a mystical and dangerous fog rolls quickly in from nowhere. The siren’s song, now close up and engulfing the ship’s crew, returns with accompaniment. The moment reaches its climax as the crew is lulled to enchanted sleep by the siren’s song. Suddenly, the ship violently strikes the treacherous rocks hiding within the thick fog and beneath the foamy ocean waves.

“Act 4 – The Sirens Devour All Aboard” begins with percussion to represent the physical destruction of the majestic ship among the rocks. The sirens desecrate and consume the sleeping sailors before returning to their hidden places among the ocean rocks to await the next passing ship.