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Echoes of Camelot (Full Instrumentation)

Style: | Difficulty: Medium Difficult | Grade: 4+

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There are few stories in legend and lore that are as endearing as that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Echoes of Camelot portrays our captivation with the legend in a literal sense, bringing that era to life on the field.



Mvt. 1: "The Sword is Drawn/Arthur - King of Legend" starts with a menacing war-like march and proceeds into a regal aura of majesty. The druid magician and advisor Merlin, having a profound dream about his king, brings Arthur to the edge of a lake where the hand of a lady reaches out from the water and presents the sword "Excaliber" to Arthur, in effect making him king of all he surveyed...and beyond.
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Mvt. 2: "Life at the Faire" is a light Renaissance-sounding piece, setting the mood of a time long ago. A time of proper greetings and noble visions. A woodwind quintet and the front ensemble carry the movement with period sounds accomplished through the use of double reeds. However, there are alternate parts for more standard marching band instruments, in case you do not wish to take your double reed instruments out on the field.
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Mvt. 3: "Merlin" turns dark and ominous with the introduction of the mystic. There are all sorts of visual possibilities here, with the potential of showing Merlin conjuring up fantastical beings as he mixes potions and experiments with black magic.
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Mvt. 4: "Guinevere: Two Hearts, One Choice" reflects on the heart of the fair damsel being torn in two by her love for both King Arthur and his most trusted servant, Sir Lancelot. The soulful melody is quite melancholy, expressing Guinevere's aching sadness.
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Mvt. 5: "Lancelot, The Champion of Battle/Return of the Sword" leads us into battle, with Sir Lancelot's sword drawn high in the air. A dramatic skirmish ensues and King Arthur dies at the height of the confrontation. Fulfilling his promise, the sword is returned to the Lady of the Lake and the show concludes as the sword disappears under the surface of the water. The visual possibilities are as endless as the legend itself.
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