Chakra (Full Instrumentation)

Style: Modern | Difficulty: Medium Difficult | Grade: 4

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Chakra is based on the Hindu concept of seven main energy centers of the body with each spinning area ascending from the base of the spine. The seven segments are based on each ascending musical mode creating a unique harmonic character to every chakra. The modern approach to harmony and a fresh twist in interpretation departs from an obvious ethnic flavor than one might expect.


Composed by: Key Poulan, Murray Gusseck and Nate Bourg
Originally commissioned by: Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps, Santa Clara, CA - Robert Nieves, Director
Published By: Key Poulan Music
Duration: 9:05 (Full Length)


Mvt. 1: "Introduction, Root (Red) and Sacral (Orange) Chakras" The Root or Base Chakra (also known as Muladhara) is designated by the color red and explores the ionian mode of music. The Root Chakra governs sensuality and a sense of security. <br /> <br />The Sacral Chakra (also known as Swadhisthana) is designated by the color orange and explores the dorian mode of music. The Sacral Chakra governs reproduction, creativity, joy and enthusiasm.
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Mvt. 2: "Solar (Yellow) and Heart (Green) Chakras" The Solar Chakra (also known as Manipura) is designated by the color yellow and explores the phrygian mode of music. The Solar Chakra governs digestion, personal power, emotional expansiveness, and all areas of growth. <br /> <br />The Heart Chakra (also known as Anahata) is designated by the color green and explores the lydian mode of music. The Heart Chakra governs circulation, unconditional love of self and others, passion and devotion.
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Mvt. 3: "Throat (Blue), Third Eye (Indigo), Crown (Violet) Chakras" The Throat Chakra (also known as Vishuddha) is designated by the color blue and explores the mixolydian mode of music. The Throat Chakra governs communication, independence, fluent thought and spirituality. <br /> <br />The Third Eye Chakra (also known as Ajna) is designated by the color indigo and explores the aeolian mode of music. The Third Eye Chakra governs intuition and visual consciousness. <br /> <br />The Crown Chakra (also known as Sahasrara) is designated by the color violet and explores the locrian mode of music. The Crown Chakra governs the release of karma, physical action with meditation, mental action with universal consciousness and unity, and emotional action with "beingness.
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